How Do I Contact TeleCheck Services Inc.?

Things you need to know first & foremost…

TeleCheck – is a government regulated third party agency that assists merchants by transforming a paper check in to an electronic check at the point of purchase. This provides for fast and instant funds verification and enables the transaction to be processed similar to a credit card. Quite simply, Tele Check is a paperless check transaction. It warns merchants of the risk of accepting a transaction with you. If the merchant thinks the risk of doing business with you is too high for them, then they have every right to decline to acceptance of your check.

How did I get on their Bad Side?

If they have ANY negative information on your banking check habits – or even question the financial institution that you claim to bank with – there could be a problem! This organization is a WatchDog for check bouncers, check forgery, identity theft, fraud and other high alert situations.

As a result, when you try to go and open up a bank account, apply for loans, or make a purchase — many banks, lenders and merchants will turn to this check reporting agency to get an inside look at your past banking habits & history. This helps them access the financial risk of doing business with you.

How can I resolve my Negative banking Record?

Under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) – you have a right to an explanation of any negative claims against you, as well as a right to dispute questionable issues and have them investigated for accuracy. Depending on the allegations, the resolution process time can vary. Visit TeleCheck Services Inc. to get more information on the process — as well as to receive a Free Annual file disclosure provided to all U.S. citizens under Federal Law.

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