Small Business Cash Advance | Merchant Cash Advance Solutions

If you are a merchant who accepts credit cards, then a small business cash advance is a great way to secure immediate business funding.

A small business cash advance usually does not require all the paperwork, time and proof that a traditional loan does. With this type of funding, if you can show positive projections of credit card sales within your business, you may very well qualify for the money you need Superfast!

The turnaround time on cash advances compared to loans are much quicker. Instead of waiting months – you can expect to receive your cash advance within a matter of days or weeks.

Also there is no specific guideline set on the way you must use the funds unlike traditional bank loans. Therefore, there is much more freedom and flexibility with a business cash advance over traditional business loans.

Here’s a few qualifications that most business cash advance companies require:

  • You have been in business for at least 12 months
  • Your business does at least $2500 month in credit card sales
  • Any and all prior bankruptcies have been resolved

You really don’t need to be concerned at all about your personal or business credit when applying for a merchant cash advance. It is not widely based on this factor at all. All they want to see is a positive ‘steady’ flow of credit card transactions from your business. This is primarily what they will base their funding decision upon.

Other benefits of a Small Business Cash Advance is that they usually have no late fees and no long application process , no face to face meeting requirements, no business plan needed or any of the other requirements that typically come along with traditional business loan procedures.

So if you are doing a consistent credit card transaction volume each and every month, why not consider turning that security in workable cash advance finance for your business? The money can be used for whatever your business needs may be — perhaps to buy that new piece of equipment or do company expansion that you’ve been working toward.

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