Home Loans for Bad Credit An Inside Look

Home Loans for Bad Credit
There are various types of home loans for bad credit but for our discussion here on this page it will be specifically geared toward a home “purchase” loan. So if planning on purchasing a home, and actively seeking helpful information & resources concerning Home Loans for Bad Credit — then rest assured you’re in the right place!

Although not as prevalent these days, these types of home loans do still exist. There are lenders in the trenches who are willing to help you fulfill your desire of home ownership regardless of your credit. Afterall, everyone needs a place to live. And renting can be so expensive these days that home ownership could prove to be a wise choice –especially if you’re no longer single and have a family now.

Home Loan Preparation and Eligibility

In order to secure the best home loans for bad credit, it is good to first view your credit report from the 3 major credit reporting agencies which are: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You definitely need to see what’s in your credit report.

Review all negative items and look for any reporting flaws and work on removing them. Credit reports are not always accurate. Oftentimes they have mistakes. So make sure you review yours carefully because you definitely don’t want to pay for someone else’s mistakes.

Once you’ve checked your credit reports, make it a practice of rechecking then on a periodic basis every three months is a good rule of thumb, if nothing else at the very least once per year. Cleaning up your credit report as much as possible – before- taking steps to purchase your new home is the best most recommended method.

This can very well save you THOUSANDS in interest fees over the course of your home loan. Removing negative items from your credit report can also provide you with an instant decrease of any required down payment on home loans with bad credit.

Other Factors…

Other factors that lenders may consider concerning your eligibility for home loans for bad credit is your job history. How long have you been stable at your current job? If it’s a year or more, then this will put lenders more at ease – rather than seeing that you’ve been employed for only six months or less.

Also, you can bet that they will closely consider your debt to income ratio. This just means how much debt you currently have compared to the income that you are currently bringing in on a monthly basis. Quite frankly, even if you improve your credit score but your debt-to-income is shot, then you’re basically still in the same boat and will experience difficulties obtaining a home loan.

bad credit home loans

Here’s why…

Your debt-to-Income ratio gives creditors a clear picture as to whether you will be able to afford another “bill”. Think about it… If you can’t pay your current bills you sure won’t be able to handle any new ones UNLESS you drop something. Something has got to give.

So if you can figure out a way to eliminate any absolutely unnecessary expenses from your monthly bills – then this will be in your best. That means that $150 cable bill might have to take a back seat along with a few other luxuries (at least for now until you can get a better financial handle on things).

And If you’re not willing to sacrifice something, then you must be willing to accept what lenders offer – or don’t offer you.

The above are method is recommended in order to put you in a better credit bracket — which is the best way to save when
shopping for home loans for bad credit. Doing this will saves you tons or interest in the long-run of home ownership and can drastically decrease your down payment. Done with Maximum effectiveness, this could transform your “home loans for bad credit” search into a home loan for good credit search!

Don’t want to wait or prepare for a home loan?

“I don’t have the time to improve my credit…I want my home loan now?!”

Ok then the second approach to obtaining home loans for bad credit is just to go with what you have, the good – the bad –and the ugly. Now cross your fingers and hope for the Best! Below are two things you should realistically expect when taking this route:

  •  Higher Interest
  •  Larger Down Payment

Yes incurring higher interest and being subject to a hefty down payment is inevitable if you decide not to clean-up damaged credit prior to obtaining your home loan. However, if you choose this route then this is what you should do…

While you’re in your current loan, you can work on improving your credit score along the way by viewing your credit report, paying off any outstanding debts that you can handle, and working actively to get errors and negative items completely removed from your credit profile.

Then after staying with a bad credit home loan for a period of 18-24 months — you should be in a better position to refinance into a better loan with lower rates & fees. This is a very strategic calculated move. Therefore, it is highly Crucial that you stay consistent with your bad credit home loan IF you ever want the chance for better home financing.

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