What To Know Prior To Authorizing A House Improvement Contract

It is important to be an extremely careful customer when it concerns home enhancement professionals. For instance, I had a case where my client, an elderly as well as blind woman, authorized a contract and paid $3000000 to a house improvement company that disappeared with all of her cash! Unfortunately, the business was a scam operation, my customer lost her life's savings and it will take a while in court before my customer may ever see her cash again, however, her mistake will be a lesson to all you because this post discusses how to secure yourself from home improvement fraud.

Before signing any type of contract with a home enhancement company, first, ask that company for its license number as well as check it out with your State or Region Consumer Affairs' Service License Division. Find the License Division on the web or call info and get their number. You wish to discover (1) the name and address of the company associated with the permit number given to you, (2) if the business is currently licensed as well as the license expiration date and (3) whether any type of complaints have actually been made against that company. The solution to those questions will help you determine if you wish to proceed with authorizing a contract. Make sure both the specialist and the company he works for are licensed to work in your State.

If your going to authorize the contract then make certain certain things are included pursuant to your understanding and as required by your States home improvement Service Law. The contracting business name, address and phone number should be printed on the contract. Also, it is very important that the contracting company house improvement license number is printed on the contract and that it is not different from the number you called as well as inquired about with Consumer Matters. Lastly, ensure that all of the work to be carried out is listed in the agreement and that the approximate start as well as end dates of work are included. You should put a penalty stipulation in the contract regarding the specialist failure to timely complete the work since contractors are well-known for starting jobs then leaving for a few days or weeks to do other jobs while you sit as well as wait in your dismantled kitchen area for him to return. Once the contract terms are adequate then the contract should be signed by both you as well as the company agent.

An example of a consumer security law is New York general business law § 771 ("GBL") requiring all home enhancement contracts will be in writing as well as include certain terms of payment, charges for services as well as materials and begin and completion dates, among other terms. GBL § 771 is a consumer protection law to prevent the misunderstandings in between professional had consumer and to protect the consumer from overreaching of the contractor, such as billing for work that was not agreed upon.

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