3 Steps To Put Fresh Spins On Old Advertising And Marketing Guidelines

Are you struggling to find a new twist for old advertising or advertising projects?

If you're a small company owner or a copywriter/coach/other imaginative professional, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Needing to generate new ideas for a long-term customer (or even your own business) can be overwhelming.

As long as you like those long-lasting clients or developed products, because of their longevity, it gets harder as well as more challenging to find up with the next brilliant product.

But never ever fear. Here are three ways to get those innovative juices (as well as new ideas) flowing.

1. Research other ads. Flip through a magazine or turn on the TV, other than this time around focus on the advertisements and not the content (I know, I know, this is counter to what you normally do). Which advertisements do you like? Why do you like them? Is there something that those advertisements are doing you can modify for your campaigns?

The key word is modify, not copy. I do not desire anybody committing copyright violation. What I'm talking about is using an existing ad to jump-start your own concepts. Perhaps you truly like the use of an expressive photo with a single caption. Or the use of repetition in Mastercard's "Valuable" project. Or the concept of turning the "loan can't buy everything" on its head (which is essence of that campaign). Can you utilize that idea in your campaign?

Another source for great ads is Communication Arts Magazine. Each issue showcases a few of one of the most innovative and attractive ads found anywhere.

2. Check out what a completely various market is doing. For example, let's claim you sell software products to computer professionals. Techy market, right? So, pick up a yoga exercise publication. See exactly how that industry connects with its audience. Now try selling your product utilizing the exact same language as well as concepts. Take it an action further and brainstorm ways your software product is similar to doing yoga.

This is an extremely effective method to jolt your personal thinking and start your muse down a completely different course you may never have uncovered before.

3. Force a connection. With this idea, force a link with an arbitrary item rather than a whole industry. You ask yourself, how is your software program similar to a packed pet dog? Make a note of everything you could think of, no matter how silly or foolish. Often the absurd concepts are the ones that lead to the wonderful ones.

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